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MAR 7 2021

If You Like Riesling, You'll Love These

There are so many facets of Riesling - from dry, crisp and minerally to plush and delicately sweet. Whether you’re dipping your toes into the world of Riesling or it's a varietal you pick up often...

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FEB 20 2021

If You Like Sangiovese, You'll Love These

Sangiovese is a chameleon grape that takes on the gifts of its terroir and expresses those gifts with such nuance. It can be cheerful and fruit-forward or bold and brooding depending on the wine style.

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JAN 19 2021

If You Like Nebbiolo, You'll Love These

I thought Nebbiolo was always a big, bold, tannic red wine, but as I tried more, I learned that it’s not a one (tasting) note wonder.

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NOV 7 2020

If You Like Zinfandel, You'll Love These

If you think we’re going to talk about that blush-colored, slightly sweet patio wine, just wait! While 85% of Zinfandel continues to be used to make sweet, rosè wine, we’re here to talk about the full-body, jammy red wine that even serious wine drinkers enjoy. 

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NOV 1 2020

You Had Me at Merlot: If You Like Merlot, You’ll Enjoy These Alternatives

If you’ve enjoyed your fair share of Merlot, however, and want to expand your taste buds' repertoire, I’ve got other similar wines for you to explore.

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