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JAN 19 2021

If You Like Nebbiolo, Here are Delicious Alternatives to Try

I thought Nebbiolo was always a big, bold, tannic red wine, but as I tried more, I learned that it’s not a one (tasting) note wonder.

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NOV 7 2020

If You Like Zinfandel, You'll Love These Delicious Alternatives

If you think we’re going to talk about that blush-colored, slightly sweet patio wine, just wait! While 85% of Zinfandel continues to be used to make sweet, rosè wine, we’re here to talk about the full-body, jammy red wine that even serious wine drinkers enjoy. 

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NOV 1 2020

You Had Me at Merlot: If You Like Merlot, You’ll Enjoy These Alternatives

If you’ve enjoyed your fair share of Merlot, however, and want to expand your taste buds' repertoire, I’ve got other similar wines for you to explore.

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SEP 26 2020

If You Like Syrah, You'll Love These Delicious Alternatives

If you’re a fan of red wines from the Rhône Valley in France or Australia, chances are you are a fan of Syrah. And what’s not to like? Syrah produces full-bodied, red wines that we can pair with bold foods like barbecue and blue cheese.

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AUG 24 2020

If You Like Pinot Noir, You'll Love These Delicious Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for a light red to drink with a good book or to easily pair alongside dinner with friends, Pinot Noir is a great option. However, if this grape has been your go-to variety, and you’re ready to explore something new, yet similar, then keep reading on to find a few wines that make excellent alternatives to Pinot Noir.

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