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SEP 26 2020

If You Like Syrah, You'll Love These Delicious Alternatives

If you’re a fan of red wines from the Rhône Valley in France or Australia, chances are you are a fan of Syrah. And what’s not to like? Syrah produces full-bodied, red wines that we can pair with bold foods like barbecue and blue cheese.

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AUG 24 2020

If You Like Pinot Noir, You'll Love These Delicious Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for a light red to drink with a good book or to easily pair alongside dinner with friends, Pinot Noir is a great option. However, if this grape has been your go-to variety, and you’re ready to explore something new, yet similar, then keep reading on to find a few wines that make excellent alternatives to Pinot Noir.

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AUG 18 2020

Paying Tribute to Women's Equality with Winemaker Melissa Kuhn

One hundred years ago today, the 19th Amendment granted U.S. citizens the right to vote, regardless of sex. We spoke to Melissa Kuhn, the winemaker of Equality Vines 19th Amendment Sauvignon Blanc.

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FEB 19 2020

If You Like Malbec, You'll Love These Four Delicious Alternatives

The appeal of Malbec has sparked a frenzy amongst wine drinkers causing us to fall in love with this purple-hued grape. Wine enthusiasts across the world are seeking out bottles from the top vineyards across Argentina.

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