FEB 24 2024

Winemaker Crush: Where’s Linus's Chris Christensen

Chris is an award-winning winemaker who has produced over 15 varietals of wine, 11 of which were scored at 90 points or higher by Wine Enthusiast.

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FEB 3 2021

Winemaker Crush: Cristophe and Chantal Braun of Domaine Camille Braun

The Braun family of farmers first put down roots in the village of Orschwihr, Alsace in 1593. Now Christophe and Chantal use sustainable methods to produce some of the finest wines from Alsace.

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JAN 26 2021

Winemaker Crush: Brown Estate of Napa Valley

They didn’t have any preconceived ideas about what they were going to do out here. They just fell in love with the place. It was only after meeting and talking with neighboring grape farmers that they started thinking about planting a vineyard.

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DEC 6 2020

Winemaker Crush: David Noto of Altaneve Prosecco

I left the finance world shortly after finishing my Executive MBA, when I realized that I could do so much more with my career and enjoy my life while doing so.

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NOV 9 2020

Winemaker Crush: Mustafa Çamlıca of Chamlija Wines

"Eastern Thrace is a unique terroir in the Balkans. Three inner seas make an exceptional terroir. The Black Sea brings freshness, the Marmara Sea for balance and the Aegean Sea brings sunshine and warm climate."

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