Perfect Pairings

MAR 27 2021

Perfect for a Picnic

It's important to think about what you will be eating, but equally as important is matching wine with the experience you are looking to have.

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MAR 12 2021

How to Pair Syrah

Whether you call it Syrah or Shiraz, the undeniable truth is that these wines are some of the most interesting when paired with food.

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FEB 28 2021

The Ultimate Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are the ultimate food and wine experience. Featured at wine bars and trendy restaurants, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy one at home.

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FEB 22 2021

How to Pair Cheese With Wine

Grab a cheese board and a glass of wine. With so many styles of wine and cheese, it's difficult to choose what to pair. From the classic to the fun and funky, here are my favorite tips to make pairing wine with cheese a brie-s. 

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FEB 12 2021

How to Pair Greek Food

Greek food is celebrated for a variety of ingredients as unique as the islands that make up this Mediterranean country. Each island is has its own twist on food, and just like the dishes, there are delicious native grape varieties that pair perfectly.

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