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Awesome! I’m excited to be your wine concierge and can’t wait to help you find delicious wines to enjoy. Please take 3-5 minutes to complete the information below and I’ll be in touch to coordinate an introduction call. Don’t be shy! The more you tell me, the better I’ll be at finding your wine gems.


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How many bottles would you like your Wine Concierge to prepare for you each month?

About how much would you like to spend per bottle?

You can also set a do not exceed maximum budget for the wines curated for you. I highly recommend doing this so that you can cap your monthly wine spend. Your budget can be adjusted monthly. Here are examples of budgets that will offer you a nice range of wine styles: $75 for 3 bottles, $150 for 6 bottles, $300 for 12 bottles. If you’d like to cap your monthly budget, provide the amount here:

(Note that your maximum budget is for the wines only and will NOT include tax and the $25 Concierge service fee. You can adjust this amount any time by informing me, your Wine Concierge, of your new max budget amount.)

3. Is the Concierge service intended to be a shared experience with someone else in your household?

If you selected yes, please provide the contact info of the person you’re sharing the service with so that I can reach out to get that person’s taste preferences:


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How would you like to receive your wines?

Delivery is available in DC and VA (inside of the 495 Beltway). MD clients should provide a DC or VA location for delivery or choose “pick up at the DCanter.”


Is this an office location?

Does your delivery location have a front desk?

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If you are a current Concierge client and you'd like to make changes to your taste or budget preferences, please contact your wine concierge directly or email us at [email protected]. If you’d like to rate your wines, please visit www.conciergebydcanter.com.

If you are having technical issues signing up for the Concierge service, please contact us at 202-817-3803.

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