If you’ve dated in the past 10 years or so, there is a good chance you’ve swiped on at least one app in your day. If these dating apps were a wine, what wine would they be?

What Wine is Your Dating App?

by Charlotte Cummins

Whether you're married, dating, or in a “situationship,” you’ve gone on a first date. Maybe you were lucky enough to be spared from the deluge of dating apps available today, but if you’ve dated in the past 10 years or so, there is a good chance you’ve swiped on at least one app in your day. Each app has something different to offer—a different interface, a different group of people, a different vibe all together.

If these apps were a wine, what wine would they be? Let’s ease our way in with one of the less chaotic apps out there...


Hinge…“the dating app designed to be deleted.” This app claims that its Nobel Prize winning algorithm (okay, brag much?) is all but guaranteed to match you with someone you’re super compatible with. The app's bold-yet-minimalistic design provides the user with enough info about their potential partners without being overwhelming. Even though Hinge is super simple and user-friendly, that doesn't mean it doesn't deliver impressive results; 90% of daters said that they found all of their first dates to be great, and 72% said they’d go on a second date. Pretty good! So if this science-backed, sleek-yet-effective app was a wine, what wine would it be? Hillinger Zweigelt!

This elegant wine boasts a futuristic and sleek bottle similar to the app's modern interface. Its approachable flavor profile of spiced cherry and raspberry will leave you feeling warm and comfortable, so much so, you may want to take it out on a second date!


~This will be, an everlasting love, this will be the one I've waited for, this will be the first time anyone has loved me…~

If you’ve watched TV in the past 20 years, the Natalie Cole song “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” will forever be associated with the dating website, and now app, eHarmony. While the company has recently rebranded itself, I think we all associate it with a wiser, more mature, and (dare I say) sophisticated demographic. If eHarmony was a wine, it would be a delicious Chardonnay, specifically the Chartron et Trebuchet Bourgogne Blanc. This full-bodied white is made for savoring. Low in acid and fruit, it’s a wine you can enjoy that won’t irritate…whatever it is that’s bothering you these days!

This wine is predictable in the best possible way; just like long-term, committed relationships you can expect from one of the oldest—I mean—one of the premier online dating services out there. So put on your best flowy, linen outfit, plop down on your cream-colored couch, grab your readers, and get to swiping! You can’t go wrong with a tried-and-true classic!


We've made it to the end and it’s Tinder time, everyone. Unlike eHarmony, Tinder is known for shall we say, shorter-term relationships. That’s not to say people don’t find long-term partners on the app, but it has developed a bit of a reputation. If this infamous app was a wine it would undoubtedly be the Château Peybonhomme-Les Tours L'Amour Du Risque which roughly translates to “risk of love.” First dates are a risk, but a risk that could pay off in spades! This slightly fizzy, fruity, and fun pét-nat made from Cabernet Franc is a great way to kick off a successful first date—and an even better way to end an unsuccessful one. If there’s one thing you won’t regret it’s trying a bottle of this delicious wine!

Whether you’ve used dating apps or not, we hope you got a little chuckle, and learned about new wines too! Whatever your relationship status, wine is for everyone to enjoy. Stop by to try these guys for yourself, or ask for a recommendation to go with an app we didn’t discuss. Happy swiping!