Our version of March Madness is a BUNCH of fun! Follow along and vote for your favorite grape varieties. Will there be any upsets? It's too soon to tell, but we're here to keep you posted!

Grape Madness Giveaway Tournament 2024

by Michelle Lim Warner & Pooja Tiwari

From Tuesday, April 9: View our Bracket Winners 

Hold onto your seats and drum rolls please..... this year's winning grape is CHENIN BLANC!!! *crowd cheers* It was an extreme close one with only one vote difference - talk about ever vote matters!

Come on into the store or shop online (promo code CHENIN24) for a storewide discount April 13&14 ONLY for all Chenin Blancs! Cheers and thanks for joining us in Grape Madness 2024! Until next year!

From Friday, April 5: View our Bracket Winners 

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! We have our last two grapes battling it our for this year's 2024 Grape Madness Winner: #3 Pinot Noir VS #6 Chenin Blanc. Who is going to win this week? Will it be 2023 reigning champion Pinot Noir or will a new victor win this year, New Year, New Grape, Chenin Blanc? Come back next week for the winner and to find out which winning grape will be crowned as well as which grape will have the store-wide discount!

From Tuesday, April 2: View our Bracket Winners 

Seed #3 Pinot Noir vs Seed #2 Merlot - Michael said it best how everyone has an opinion on these two; it truly is a rivalry as old as time, the Duke vs UNC of the Wine World. Welp, looks like the wine world has spoken and Pinot Noir takes it to the Final Four! 

Meanwhile, our other two favorite rivals: Seed #1 Cabernet Sauvignon (my personal favorite and true winner but we'll get into that later) vs Seed #4 Syrah. Who won? You bet Shiraz it was Cabernet Sauvignon! 

Jeff battled it out on the DCanter fighting rink last week between seed contenders #8 Albarino and #6 Chenin Blanc. It was a close one but not close enough with Chenin Blanc taking down Albarino and taking it's white grape victory to the Final Four! 

Finally we have Seed #3 Riesling vs Seed #2 Sauvignon Blanc fighting it out - will it be the noble, classic Riesling taking the victory or will it be, as our fans call it, "Sauvy B" with the win? Yup, you don't even have to think twice about this one with Sauvignon Blanc taking victory by a landslide, securing it's spot for the Final Four! Come back next week to see WHO will be the final grape contenders in this Grape Madness Battle of 2024! 


From Tuesday, March 26: View our Bracket Winners

Looks like Pinot Noir is New Black taking over as winner against Cabernet Franc.

Meanwhile, this took a turn with classy Merlot looking to be the real crowd pleaser over the party animal Grenache leading by just ONE point!

Looking to our white grape winners, was it really even competition when it came to Gruner Veltliner vs Sauvignon Blanc? Not when it comes to the DCANTER family, with Sauvignon Blanc a the real winner.

Another story was told when it came down to Riesling versus Viognier which Riesling winning by, yes you guess it, but just one more point!

From Tuesday, March 19: View our Bracket Winners

Wow! Wow! Wow! Albariño does it again!! We have the underdog Spanish variety in another (possible) Cinderella moment beating #1 seed Chardonnay for our white wine bracket. Will it be unstoppable? 

Chenin Blanc tops up over Pinot Grigio as the fans rallied to push Chenin Blanc through!

Over now to our red wine bracket, not surprisingly, Cabernet Sauvignon heads to the next round! It was a close call, however, and Sangiovese fans should be proud of their turnout.

And in a close match -- Syrah wins over Malbec with a double overtime! This was a super close one, folks, with Syrah eeking out a win with 51% of the votes.

Alright, with these results in… here are this week’s matchups. Be sure to head over our Instagram account to vote! The grape matchups are released each Tuesday and Thursday of the week through early April.

Red Bracket: Pinot Noir (#3) vs. Cabernet Franc (#5)

Picture a graceful ballerina in a vineyard. That's Pinot Noir! Delicate, yet full of flavor, it's like sipping on a bouquet of red berries with a hint of earthiness. Versatile and charming, Pinot Noir always steals the spotlight. But will it win the hearts of the people? 

Cabernet Franc -- the adventurous one of the vineyard! Cabernet Franc is bold and spicy, with dark fruit flavors and a touch of green pepper. It's like a treasure waiting to be discovered, perfect for a cozy night by the fire or paired with a hearty meal.

 Red Bracket: Merlot (#2) vs. Grenache (#7)

Merlot is the smooth talker of the two, always charming with its velvety texture and flavors of ripe plums. Smooth and elegant, Merlot is a classy player. Will that be enough against the party animal, Grenache? This grape is bursting with vibrant red fruits and a hint of spice -- turning every gathering into a lively fiesta.

White Bracket: Riesling (#3) vs. Viognier (#5)

Oof, this matchup is gonna be interesting as both are polarizing grape varieties -- perhaps, unfairly so. Riesling is often thought of as a one-note wonder: sweet. Yet those in the know understand the Riesling is actually quite versatile -- with flavors ranging from zesty citrus to sweet peach and tangerine. This wine can be bright and lively with its acidity leaving your mouth wanting more. Then we have Viognier, floral and fragrant, bursting with stone fruits of peach and apricot. Quite the exotic adventurer of the wine world. Every sip is like a mini-vacation for your senses. 

White Bracket: Sauvignon Blanc (#2) vs Grüner Veltliner (#7)

What a power matchup between these two! Both are strong in demonstrating their presence in terms of aroma and flavor. Sauvignon Blanc is going into this match as the favorite. It’s been around and has made many friends -- with its grapefruit citrus notes having been joyfully enjoyed on many a summer day.  Grüner Veltliner is not exactly a newbie on the block but one that’s just coming up as a rising star. It offers a savory alternative to those seeking more minerally styles for a crisp white wine. Grüner gives you those herbaceous notes along with crisp green apple and lime. 


From Tuesday, March 12, 2024:

What a great set of matchups for this year’s Grape Madness Tournament! Will we experience another Cinderella story as we did last year with Albariño, the 8th-seeded variety, joining the ranks of Pinot Noir in the finals? We shall see! It will all depend on your vote!

Our Selection Committee has put 16 grape varieties in the field (no pun intended), so let's talk about some of the key matchups in this first week:

Red Bracket: Cabernet Sauvignon (#1) vs. Sangiovese (#8)

Cabernet Sauvignon is the rockstar of the wine world. It’s like the James Bond of grapes -- known worldwide -- it’s got that confident swagger. Let’s not discount Italy’s favorite variety, Sangiovese -- the grape that's all about Tuscan sunshine, rolling hills, and a zest for life! This little grape is like the Italian nonna of the vineyard – full of warmth, character, and a touch of sass. 

Red Bracket: Syrah (#4) vs. Malbec(#6)

Syrah is a great storyteller. Originating from the Rhône Valley in France, Syrah is known In Australia as “Shiraz.” Syrah’s flavor profile is broad and dynamic, with a spectrum of dark fruit notes such as blackberry, plum, and black cherry. 

Malbec, another grape from France, has found a home and fame in the high-altitude vineyards of Argentina. It boasts a complex flavor profile of blackberries, purple plums, and dark cherries. Malbec is super versatile and food-friendly. Great with robust dishes, grilled meats, and artisanal cheeses!

White Bracket: Chardonnay (#1) vs. Albariño (#8)

Oh, Chardonnay, the chameleon of the vineyard --- versatile and iconic. This grape is the leading lady of the wine world, ready to play any role you pour for it --- from a crisp UNOAKED number to a buttery, OAK-kissed extravaganza. It's the grape that goes from a refreshing day at the beach to a glamorous night on the town without missing a beat.

Albariño! the Spanish sensation. It is like the flamenco dancer of grapes – lively, graceful, and impossible to resist! Hailing from the lush green landscapes of Galicia, this grape is a taste of the Spanish seaside in every sip. It's the perfect sidekick for seafood feasts, tapas adventures, or simply lounging on a sunny afternoon. 

White Bracket: Pinot Grigio (#4) vs. Chenin Blanc (#6)

Pinot Grigio is like a beach vacation where you get to enjoy a refreshing wine with citrus fruits, green apples, and bright minerality.  Pinot Grigio originates from the noble Pinot family. Pinot Noir is its brother and Pinot Gris is its identical twin from France.

Chenin Blanc is the grape with a treasure trove of flavors, ranging from zesty citrus and ripe stone fruits to delicate floral notes and a hint of honeyed sweetness. It's like a symphony of aromas dancing on your palate, each sip revealing a new layer of complexity and charm.