DCanter's very own Assistant General Manager, Beth, is sharing some fun facts and experiences from the 2022 harvest in Oregon's Ribbon Ridge AVA. Follow along with her to learn more about winemaking in Oregon!

Oregon Wine Harvest With Beth

by JP Bacchus

In the 1840s, the first vines were planted by settlers arriving on the Oregon Trail wagons. Today, Oregon has 19 certified wine growing regions and over 30,000 acres of vineyards.

Want to learn more about winemaking in Oregon? Follow along with Beth as she shares some fun facts and experiences from her 2022 harvest in Oregon's Ribbon Ridge AVA. Grab a bottle of delicious Oregon wine to enjoy while you watch. Cheers to Oregon Wine!

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Background photo of two bare feet in a shallow vat of grapes that are being stomped by foot to keep the grape skins in contact with the grape juice
Punch Downs...will give you abs!

Background image is a vineyard in Oregon in the Dundee Hills AVA showing the red, clay-and-iron-rich soil that is know as Jory soil
Jory Soil: The Official Dirt of Oregon!

Background image shows a fermentation tank full of grapes that include stems, skins, and seeds; this is know as whole-cluster fermentation
Throw It All In! Whole Cluster Fermentation

Background image shows a cluster of healthy grapes, but some of them are shriveled and dried due to being affected by the botrytis fungus, also known as noble rot
Noble Rot: The Fungus Among Us (well, among the grapes, that is)

Have you been to any of Oregon's wine regions? We'd love for you to share some of your favorite experiences—tag us on Instagram and tell us all about it!