Now that the holiday season has officially begun, so have the holiday shopping lists. Before you set out on your shopping quest, pour yourself a glass of wine, have a sip and relax; you are in good hands.

A Wine Gift For Everyone On Your List

by Matthew Lorman

Now that the holiday season has officially begun, so have the holiday shopping lists. Before you set out on your shopping quest, pour yourself a glass of wine, have a sip and relax; you are in good hands. Follow these suggestions for a flawless shopping experience with gifts for every person and price point. From your in-laws to friends, the experienced wine drinker to the novice, here are suggestions that will make everyone feel extra special this holiday season.

For The Coworker
Let’s be honest here: unless you attend a regular happy hour with your coworkers, chances are you don’t know what Sally from accounting likes to drink, but she covered for you that one day you left work early without telling the boss, so you owe her a nice Christmas gift. Instead of racking your brain trying to think of that one wine she likes, get her a wine that matches her personality. Is Sally bold? If so, pair her personality with a bold red, such as Cabernet Sauvignon. Is she spicy? How about a Gewurztraminer (Gewurtz translates to spicy in German). Maybe Sally is classy, drives a Mercedes, and prefers the finer things in life. If so, then a bottle of Champagne will certainly do the trick. For more fun suggestions on matching personalities with wine types, check out this article from Wine Life on finding the perfect wine to give to any personality type!

Wines We Recommend:

  • Tortoise Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 (Lodi, California)
  • Union Sacre Gewurztraminer Belle de Nuit 2017 (Santa Barbara County, California)
  • Waris-Larmandier Racines de Trois Brut NV (Champagne, France)

For The In-Laws
Imagine the classic scene straight out of a Hallmark or Lifetime movie where the in-laws show up at the front door with holiday gifts in hand for the entire family. Maybe you made a bad joke at Thanksgiving that didn’t go as well as you planned, and you need to give them something nice to smooth things over... something to keep you in the family will. Think about gifting them a nice bottle that will surely win them over! Perhaps the Italian duo “King and Queen” of wines (Barolo and Barbaresco) for your mother- and father-in-law. A nice bold Amarone, which in Italian means the “great bitter one” is perfect if you prefer to give a gift with a little double entendre--let's just hope they don't speak Italian.

Wines We Recommend:

  • Albino Rocca Barbaresco Montersino 2016 (Piedmont, Italy)
  • Roccolo Grassi Amarone della Valpolicella 2013 (Veneto, Italy)
  • Le Dauphin d'Olivier Graves Rouge 2016 (Bordeaux, France)

For The Novice Wine Drinker
If you’re looking for a nice bottle for the beginner wine drinker, go for one of the classic grape varietals such as Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Noir. If they are looking to venture out and experience new wines, try out a lesser known grape varietal, such as Vranec or Blaufränkisch. Unsure of what style of wine they like? Not a problem! Instead of risking getting them a bottle that they don't like, a class at DCanter would be a great option. Our wine classes are updated regularly on our website and included in our weekly newsletter. There is something of interest to everyone, regardless of their level of wine knowledge. Whether it’s the lowdown on sparkling wines, up-and-coming wine regions, or an introduction to the fabulous world of wine, there is a class for every wine drinker on your list!

Wines We Recommend:

  • Georges Millérioux Sancerre Tradition 2017 (Loire Valley, France)
  • Maurice Ecard Bourgogne Rouge 2017 (Burgundy, France)
  • Elizabeth Rose Chardonnay 2017 (Napa Valley, California)

For The Francophile
We all know that one wine enthusiast who obsesses over classic wines. This person has an affinity for everything French: language, history, culture, and most importantly great wines! Feed their never ending thirst and curiosity for French wines with either a classic, such as a bottle of Burgundy or Bordeaux, or something sparkling, like Champagne or a Crémant (a sparkling alternative to Champagne). Do you find French wine labels to be intimidating? You're not alone. Labels can be tricky to even the most knowledgeable drinkers. Brush up on your wine label knowledge with this article from Wine Life, or leave the French label translation to us on your next visit to DCanter!

Wines We Recommend:

  • Chateau d'Assas Reserve 2015 (Languedoc, France)
  • Maurice Ecard Bourgogne Rouge 2017 (Burgundy, France)
  • Vitteaut-Alberti Crémant de Bourgogne Brut NV (Burgundy, France)


For the Locavore
Locavore is a term often used to describe a person that makes an effort to participate in the local food movement, committing themselves to eating and drinking food and beverages produced in the local community. With an endless number of wine producing regions around the world to choose from, it is possible to overlook the fact that great wine is being produced in our own backyard here in the DMV area. All you have to do is look west to Virginia; turns out this state is not only for lovers, but also wine lovers! Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains near Charlottesville lies Veritas Vineyard & Winery on a plot of only 50 acres. Here, Andrew and Patricia are making old-world wines with new world flare. Surprise your loved one this holiday season with a bottle of their Cabernet Franc from their vineyards in Monticello, showing lavender, elderberry, and clove on the nose, bursting with berry flavors and bright acidity. Looking for a bottle of bubbly? Virginia makes that, too!

Wines We Recommend:

  • Veritas Vineyards & Winery Cabernet Franc 2017 (Monticello, Virginia)
  • Thibaut-Janisson Blanc de Blancs NV (Charlottesville, Virginia)


For The World Traveler
Inevitably, we all have that one person with a severe case of wanderlust (or in this case, wine-derlust). A wine experience is the perfect gift for that person (or yourself) itching to travel to some of the world's top wine producing regions. Does this sound like someone you know? If so, a trip to Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia would look perfect under the Christmas tree this year! From the shores of the Adriatic to the foothills of the Alps, a world of wine exploration is awaiting. Can’t make it on the trip? Afraid of flying? How about sipping your way through this wine region from the comfort of your own home. Pick up a few bottles from Northern Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia and allow the taste of these wines to transport you to picturesque vineyards that'll cure even the worst case of “wine-derlust”.

Wines We Recommend:

  • Klet Ferdinand Rebula Ribolla Gialla 2018 (Brda, Slovenia)
  • Venica & Venica Pinot Grigio Jesera 2018 (Collio, Italy)
  • Vina Stekar Cabernet Franc 2017 (Goriska Brda, Slovenia)


Don't keep pushing off your holiday shopping list! Stop in the store today and let us help you pick out wines for all your holiday needs. Just don't forget to pick up a nice bottle for yourself this season!