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Vineyard in Washington

First Taste: Washington Wines

Here in DC, we tend not to think about the “other” Washington. That’s a shame for many reasons, but especially when it comes to wine. California is the only state that produces more wine than [&hellip...

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Glasses of beer

Chatting (and Tasting) with a Master Cicerone

In the wine world, there are sommeliers: true devotees with incredible passion for wine and the expertise to match. The beer world has its own fancy French word that it bestows upon those whose dedication [&hellip...

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Brown sugar angel food cake

A Fresh & Fun Easter Dessert: Angel Food Cake with Wine

Want to bring the color and brightness of spring into your kitchen this Easter? It’s easy to overlook dessert in the scramble to make sure there’s enough candy for the kids, so here’s a cake [&hellip...

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Wine vats

How Wine is Made: Whites

You drink wine, but do you know how it’s made? Words like fermentation and pressing get thrown around a lot, but what do they actually involve, and how do their nuances affect the finished wine? [&hellip...

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