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Looking Back on 2019: Concierge Picks of the Year

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January 9, 2020

What better way of wrapping up 2019 than to recap some of our Concierge by DCanter clients’ favorite wines of the year? For our Concierge by DCanter clients, unboxing their Concierge case is like experiencing the joy of Christmas morning all year round. There’s a surprise element of not knowing what you’re going to get, but the giver (your wine expert and sommelier) knows what you like so you’re sure to get something you want. 2019 brought in exploration and newly found wine favorites. We asked some of our Concierge clients to share what they’ve loved throughout the year, and perhaps, you’ll stop in to check these delicious wines out for yourself. 



Secret Squirrel Columbia Valley Red

Oh, look, a squirrel! Nobody enjoys chasing the squirrels as much as these two pups! And nobody enjoys the Secret Squirrel Columbia Valley Red as much as their owners. On any given weekend, you may see these two sporting the latest in canine fashion as their owners enjoy the wine tastings, which are complimentary for our Concierge by DCanter clients. These pups deserve the red carpet treatment, just like this bottle of wine. 



The Secret Squirrel shows off some of its secrets by revealing blue and black fruit notes with a hint of toasted coconut. This wine is incredibly juicy and fruit-driven, expressing ripe blackberry, boysenberry, and dark cherry flavors with a smooth texture and lingering finish. Enjoy this on its own or paired with sweet or savory dishes like Mongolian beef for an instant crowd-pleaser. 

El Enemigo Malbec

Who doesn't love an Argentinian Malbec? By the looks of the smile on his face, Concierge client Gershun, can’t get enough of it. “El enemigo” in Spanish translates to “the enemy.” You know what they say; keep your friends close and your enemies closer. In this case, keep the bottle close to you at all times as you won’t want to share with anyone. 



Gershun says its “a wonderful everyday wine that goes with food but is also good on its own; it is a solid Malbec that will not disappoint.” Pleasant aromas of dark plum and blackberry make way for flavors of brambleberry and concentrated dark cherries. Expect a long and elegant finish as fruity, floral, and spicy flavors linger on your palate. Enjoy this with barbecued meats, pasta, or cheesy enchiladas. Yum!

Casteluccimiano Nero D’Avola

When we asked Gershun what his favorite wine of the year was, he couldn’t just pick one. Our wine concierge, Michelle, learned his personal taste preferences and packed this lovely surprise into his monthly box that she knew he would love. He found a new favorite in the Casteluccimiano Nero D’Avola! According to Gershun, “this wine will surprise you… It is a full-bodied and fun wine to drink with surprising flavor elements.”  Nero D’Avola, a lesser-known grape varietal native to the island of Sicily, is gaining in popularity and we can see why. The Casteluccimiano Nero d’Avola is boldly fruit-driven with concentrated flavors of black cherry, plum, and dried strawberry. It shows robust tannins that pair well with rich meaty dishes, such as braised short ribs, or spiced dishes such as Middle Eastern or Indian curries. If you enjoy bold wines, like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah, this is the wine for you!

Viña Cartin Albariño 2018

One of Rebecca’s favorites is this Albariño from Viña Cartin. This wine is produced in the Rías Baixas region of Spain where they are known for producing world-class Albariño. This wine is perfect for a glass after work and is versatile to pair with most meals. 



When you pour a glass of this Albariño and give the glass a good swirl (go ahead; swirl it like you mean it), the wine’s aromas will take you to a tropical paradise. Enjoy the fruity aromas of fresh peach, kiwi, and ripe pear. Take a sip and you will see why Rebecca likes it so much. It is medium-bodied with a nice burst of mouthwatering acidity. The fruity nose gives way to peach, kiwi, and pear that linger on the palate. Try this wine with your favorite seafood dishes, risotto, and light poultry. 

Want to discover new wine favorites in 2020? We can help!

Concierge by DCanter is a personalized wine shopping service that caters to your unique taste and budget preferences. By signing up, you'll have a direct connection with your very own wine expert and personal sommelier who is responsible for learning about your taste preferences and hand-selecting artisanal wines each month within the budget you choose. You'll gain first-hand access to limited small-production wines from all over the world paired with personalized tasting notes for each bottle. You don’t even have to leave the comforts of your home, as everything is delivered right to your front door! The service also includes free unlimited delivery and complimentary wine tastings each weekend at DCanter with special reserve bottles for Concierge clients only! Want to get in on all the fun? Become a Concierge by DCanter client today!


Matthew Lorman
Matt is a Wine Associate at DCanter Wine Boutique on Capitol Hill. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and holds a Master's Degree in Gastronomy and Food Studies from the University of Toulouse Jean Jaurès and Taylor's University. He has written for the Graduate Journal of Food Studies, The Asia-Pacific Journal for Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism, and the Food Studies Research Network. His favorite food and wine pairing is fried chicken and Champagne.
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