How it Works

Taste Profile

I'm going to ask you a few questions about how you like to enjoy wine.


I will work my magic to hand-select delicious wines that I think you’ll love and have them delivered to your door!


Taste and share the wines that I selected for you, tell me which ones you love, and request more!

What You Get

Inside Access

Be the first to try artisanal, small-production wines.

Personalized Selection

Receive 3, 6 or 12 wines hand-selected just for you.

A Partner in Wine

Got a question about wine? Need advice on wine pairings? I'll be tuned into your evolving tastes and be your wine expert on call.

Tasting Notes

Get a love note from me in every order. I'll tell you about each wine and why I know you'll love them.

Unlimited Delivery

Order as many times as you want and get deliveries, at your convenience, for free.

No Pressure

Don't worry, be happy! You can cancel anytime.


Drink Great On Your Budget

I will help you find wonderful wines that fit into your lifestyle.

Our wines range from $15 and up. You can pick a price range that works for you or set your max budget that I'll always stick to. You can also ajdust the quantity of wines you receive each month. The service is flexible and truly tailored to meet your wine needs!

Snag a Freebie

For only $15 each month, you'll get expert wine service, tasting notes, and unlimited delivery. The service is free whenever you order 6 or more wines!

Concierge is a monthly service. For only $15 each month, I'll personally handpick wines based on your preferences, and you'll get all sorts of goodies like unlimited delivery, tasting notes, and expert wine service. You can choose to receive 3, 6, or 12 bottles each month. Whenever you receive 6 or more wines, we'll credit the $15 service fee back to you.

Concierge Clients Love the Service!

Casey W.

"I love that I can just enjoy the wines and not have to deal with shopping for them and not really knowing what to get."

Melanie M.

"All the wines selected for me by my wine concierge have been spot on. There are wines in my box that I would have never known to enjoy had I not outsourced selection to you!"

Andrew H.

"I tell all of my friends about it. I think it's one of the most interesting services available in the DC area.