Wine News Roundup

Time for our Monday roundup of wine news in the National Capital Region and beyond!

Manassas Now Battling Over Terroir Instead of Territory
A new winery now claims to be the closest to downtown Washington, DC.  The tasting room at the Winery at Bull Run just opened, and it boasts great views of the Manassas Battlefield in addition to a lineup of four wines.

Now Running Toward a Tasting Room (source: Wikipedia)

Let’s Hope the Whites Pair Well with Chicken
Virginia has officially launched its newest AVA on the Delmarva Peninsula.  We finally know what all of those horses on Chincoteague are running toward.

Here’s Something to Discuss at Happy Hour Tonight
The wine and food blog “Bigger Than Your Head” argues that America will never have a true wine culture.  The post makes an interesting follow-up for those of you who enjoyed the Ken Burns documentary Prohibition.


And the Germans Cut Beer with Sprite…
Believe it or not, I tried this for the first time at a party a couple of weeks ago.  Low and behold, the Internet has now declared mixing red wine with Coca-Cola a certifiable trend.  It’s worth a try, but I still prefer making sangria with my leftover wine.

It’s Harvest Time in Paarl (source: wikipedia)

May is a Beautiful Autumn Month
Many of us in the northern latitudes forget that May is harvest time in the Southern Hemisphere.  South Africa just completed a great growing season, and many winemakers are optimistic for an equally great 2012 vintage.

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